Broken Cuisine Recipe Tips

Trouble with a certain recipe? Or just looking for inspiration? Here are some pointers. To find a specific recipe, "ctrl + F" and enter the original name.
  1. For foolproofing tips, see:
  2. For instructions on how to make fried glass cannoli, see
  3. If your cannoli are sticking to their molds, make sure you’re… using nonstick cooking spray instead of oil; rolling loosely; removing as soon as they leave the oven; and rolling with the syrup side facing outward.
  • Shanghai tofu cakes firm up if left for awhile in the fridge. If you find them too hard, simply simmer again in their sauce until softened.
  • Airfrying instructions: 10 minutes @325F.
  1. Also great over steamed rice.
  2. If you use grape instead of cherry tomatoes, you may have to reduce increase the water.
  3. If you fry instead of boil your spongy tofu, reduce the vegetable stock by 1/2-2/3 cup.